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Monday, October 11, 2010

all the jacket below
is usable item
e-mail @ sms if any requirement
price are negotiable....
VL 415
Fit L
RM 10.00
Colour-extremely black

VL 416 (sold to syaira)
Fits M & L
RM 10.00
Colour -Green Army 
 kain tebal harga mencecah rm 40++ lau baru

VL 417(sold)
Fit S & M
 RM 15.00
Colour-Grey Silver
 kain elok still catik 

VL 41(sold to syaira)
Fits S & M
RM 15.00
Colour: Elegan Black
macam baru xde defect
siap ade tag lagi

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